Instagram Post


Promote your product & services through a dedicated post on BeeCraft’s Instagram



  • Leverage on BeeCraft’s Instagram Followers (Parents)
    Be targeted in your Marketing approach by placing your Instagram Post on BeeCraft’s Instagram Account, advertising to Beecraft’s Parent followers
  • Customise Your Media & Marketing Pitch
    Provide a captivating media (image/videos) and craft your customised text (from a third party perspective) content to be delivered to your targeted audience
  • Optimise your Instagram Post
    You determine exactly when (date/time) your customised Instagram post gets delivered on the BeeCraft Instagram Account. This allows for the post to be strategically placed in your overall Marketing Plan, achieving optimal marketing impact
  • Increase your Instagram Followers 
    BeeCraft will tag your Instagram account so that the followers of BeeCraft can be led to your Instagram account and follow you too

* Please note earliest delivery of post is at least 48 hours from the time BeeCraft releases confirmation for all media content, sequences and descriptive content provided by you 

*for enquiries, please email us at to find out more! 

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