Promote your product & services through sending out emails to BeeCraft’s email distribution list



  • Leverage on BeeCraft’s Email Distribution List (Parents) 
    Be targeted in your Marketing approach by sending out your Marketing message directly to our Distribution List
  • Strategise Email Marketing Campaign 
    Calibrate your email marketing campaign effectively by crafting your story line through strategic placement (typically min of 3 emails), to drive home the call to action you desire
  • Customise Marketing Pitch 
    Decide and craft content visuals to reach your target audience
  • Increase Web Traffic to Your Website / Social Media
    Redirect BeeCraft’s email distribution list (Parents) towards your desired website, social media accounts

* Please note earliest delivery of email distribution is at least 48 hours from the time BeeCraft releases confirmation for all media content, sequences and descriptive content provided by you

*for enquiries, please email us at to find out more! 

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