Parkour for Kids

Author: Tan Chi Ying

Every kid dreams about a superhero, a ninja. We are all protagonist of our own story.

At one point we all imagine to be a hero of our own making with the skills as seen on the big screen.
With parkour skill, they can. And learn, that it take dedication, training, focus over a period of time to bring desire to reality.

Parkour is a French sport & a martial art for running away with style.
A high-energy sport is basically a series of running, jumping and climbing elements over, through and around obstacles set in an urban area.

Perfect for kids ;
1. To get away from with mobile device & become more active
2. Learn how to fall & becoming more nimble
3. Imparting values & building innate self-confidence through determination via training
4. Better understand creativity & leadership with exploration of space, out -of-box thinking & expansion of skill set

A2 Parkour is Singapore first parkour Academy & with an indoor gym – Free Runner Lodge

A2 Parkour have crafted a training program catered to all age groups to get started on their journey to becoming a urban ninja.
Beyond group & private classes, A2 Parkour have specialized ladies class & kids classes for ages 5 & up.