How Much Does It Cost To Send Your Child To Popular Enrichment Classes?


All parents want the best for their kids. They invest a substantial amount of time and money sending their young children to enrichment programmes to help them figure out their interests, or to help them learn as much as possible while they are still growing and developing.

Cultivating a love for learning from young helps children to grasp and understand new concepts better go a long way for them, especially as they start going to school. Most parents seem to agree that the best way to cultivate this love for learning is to expose children to fun, engaging activities that will encourage them to learn.

If you are just beginning to look for enrichment classes for your kids, you will find that the cost vary quite widely. Classes at a private school can cost much more than classes held at Community Centres (CCs). How much does it really cost for your child to attend these enrichment activities? We compare the costs across a range of enrichment programmes.

The Arts

Piano or ballet classes seemed to be a standard fixture in the average Singaporean kid’s schedule. Some pick up other instruments, like the violin or the guitar. Others venture into theatre, speech and drama, and art classes. We take a look at how much it costs for your child to explore their artistic interests.

Piano & Violin

For beginners in piano, group lessons can cost $20 to $25 each, while private lessons can range from $30 to $60. The lessons increase in price as you progress.

If you wish to let your kids pursue piano, exam certification, piano books and annual recitals are also going to add up. Of course, if your child is serious about practicing, you might want to get a piano, which can cost about $200 for an inexpensive, digital one, and upwards of $800 for an acoustic one.

Alternatively, if your child wishes to learn the violin, group lessons typically cost about $40-100 a month. Depending on the teacher’s qualifications, private lessons can begin at $30 an hour up to about $100 an hour for more qualified teachers.


A popular choice for parents to help their children develop better coordination of the body and self-expression, ballet classes can cost about $10 a class at a CC. They cater for classes for children aged 4 and up. For classes in higher end private schools, prices can cost about $30 a class.

Speech and Drama

A great way to develop confidence, communication and language skills, speech and drama classes are rather easily available in multiple languages. Like ballet, these classes can be found in CCs, or private learning centres, such as British Council and Lorna Whiston.

Here is a table comparing how much these lessons would cost a month for kids just starting out. Do take note that the nature of some classes may result in differences in pricing according to age groups. For comparison’s sake, we collected data about beginner classes, and where age is specified, the kindergarten programme (5-6 year olds).

Ballet $40-50 (CC) $120-150 (Private school)
Piano $80-100 (Group lesson) $120-160 (Individual lesson)
Violin $40-100 (Group lesson) $120-400 (Individual lesson)
Speech and Drama $55-70 (CC) $145-350 (Private school)

It should be noted, nonetheless, that higher fees do not necessarily translate into better quality. Private classes may charge more because they have rental and administration fees to cover. Take the time to observe the learning environment, as well as the interactions between teachers and kids. Prestigious school or not, it really boils down to how well the teachers are able to connect with your child, and whether your child enjoys his or her learning there.


Sending your kids for sport enrichment classes are great to develop hand-eye coordination, teamwork and discipline.


Most parents send their children for lessons to equip them with swimming skills while they are young. Classes are available at swimming complexes and swim schools. Private one-to-one or group lessons could also be arranged for, and they may not necessarily be more expensive.

Martial Arts

Self-defence, confidence and coordination are but a few of the things your kid develops when you send him or her for martial arts classes. CCs offer lessons at a very affordable rate ($15-25 a month), but tend to teach a large number of students of varying skill levels in the same session. Lessons in a private school may be more specialised and targeted, but come at a higher price.

Here is a table computing average monthly costs of lessons for the following sports for children who are beginners.

Soccer $100-165 (Academy Training) $200-320 (Private lessons)
Swimming $70-150 (Swim school) $65-140 (Private lessons)
Taekwondo $15-$25 (CC) $120-150 (Private school)

 A note on CC and private schools: CC classes tend to be constrained by spaces in the centre, which makes it difficult for teachers to schedule make-up classes for students if they are unable to make it. In addition, CC classes have larger classes than private schools, which may make it harder for teachers to cater to every student’s need. One thing parents can do is to hang around the class and talk with fellow parents or teachers to find out more about how the classes are conducted.

Ultimately, the point of these enrichment classes is for your kids to explore their interests and develop their learning abilities as much as possible. Much also depends on your children’s preferences and what kind of programmes resonate with them.

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How Much Does It Cost To Send Your Child To Popular Enrichment Classes?