Academia Consultancy


Every child is unique, every personality and learning style is different. But everyone has a similar goal, to score distinctions in PSLE (Primary School Leaving Examinations), GCE O Levels, Pre-University exams (Singapore Cambridge GCE A-Level / International Baccalaureate). The examination scores will determine your child’s acceptance to the choice of Secondary School, Junior College / Polytechnic or even University discipline and shape the course of profession that he/she will embark upon graduation. Needless to say, in the eyes of many Singaporeans, exams are deemed extremely important throughout the Singapore education journey.

At BeeCraft Academia Consultancy, we strive to do our utmost in securing the best matched private tutor engagement. Our vision is to uncover the full potential of your child and we believe that the key to achieving academic success, is to first understand the Personality Profile and Principal Learning Styles of your child. After analysing the results, the Private Tutor that best complements the Personality Type and Learning Styles of your child will subsequently be recommended for engagement. Our Private Tutor match will either consist of Educators who are currently teaching in schools or Educators who have had a wealth of experience teaching in schools and Private Tuition previously.

This methodical and calibrated approach is reflective of the background of our Co-Founders in Psychology and Education. With decades of teaching experience, we witnessed the positive change in the grades of many, when placed in a deliberate, conducive learning environment that is crafted for the learner.

If you would like to undertake any of the following, please proceed to leave your contact details and we will be in touch shortly.

  • Free Consultation on the importance of understanding Personality Profile & Principal Learning Styles of a learner
  • Secure a Private Tutor that best complements your child’s learning style
  • Leverage on the experience of Educators who are well versed in delivering Singapore’s education curriculum
  • Witness improvements in grades of your child with the support of a Private Tutor
    (caveat – improvements in grades requires the learner to put in hard work)