At Lil Changemakers, we believe that learning should be fun, engaging and meaningful. Every curriculum is designed with the learner in mind – to inspire creativity, to ignite the love for learning and to have the courage to dream big. A variety of holiday programmes is curated specially for 5 to 12 year olds.

One of our sought-after holiday programmes is our Lil Scientist classes. “What’s the Matter? Learning Science the LCM way!” class aims to unlock students’ curiosity and engage them in meaningful experiences.

Throughout the 3-hour programme, the curious lil minds were able to explore the world of matter – their characteristics and form. Questions were highly encouraged and these lil ones were not short of any! Their curiosity and desire to know and learn led to many in-depth exploration and investigation through thoughtful experiments like volcano eruptions and balloon blow-up.

At the end of the programme, our Lil Scientists were able to better understand and appreciate the world of Science and its practical use in the real world! Till the next one!

*Photo courtesy of Lil Changemakers

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