A homegrown boutique learning centre made up of passionate and motivated teachers, CreativEdge Learning is the choice learning centre for young minds in Singapore.

Specialising in English composition writing for Primary level children, we focus on the instruction of writing strategies and exam skills for your child to learn with understanding and prepare your child for primary school learning and beyond.

For our complete English programmes which combine both English and writing, we go beyond the standard English tuition in Singapore to help primary school children excel in their academics and teach our students to maximise their potential through our structured curriculum that develops both language and thinking skills.

Our classes are geared towards helping students hone their English language and creative writing skills. Best of all, we aspire to nurture our students and take them to higher heights.

Available programmes:
iReadThinkWrite Complete English Programme (Primary 1 – Primary 6)
iWriteWeekly English Writing Programme (Primary 1 – Primary 6)

*Photo courtesy of CreativEdge Learning

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