Award Winning Brain Training Program for 7-12 Years Old

Our Mastermind program is developed based on research from Neuroscientists and cognitive psychologists from all over the world. It consists of effective brain training techniques to enhance a child’s cognitive skills such as concentration, memory, logical thinking, creative thinking, critical thinking, and processing speed etc. Thus accelerating their academic growth overall.

There are lots of fun, challenging and engaging activities specifically designed to stimulate different parts of the brain and their respective functions. We constantly work with our counterparts from the US, UK and Australia to improve our brain training techniques. There are progressive levels of difficulty for each activity, keeping the brain challenged at all times and working at its optimum performance. 

Since 2010, our award-winning program has helped students with different learning abilities achieve better academic results.  We have had great success with improving their cognitive skills and overall wellness. Students who have undergone this program demonstrate an increase in positivity, confidence, motivation, and readiness to unleash their full potential.

Unleash your child’s full potential via our Mastermind Program

  • Improve Memory and Mental Visualization
  • Refine Logic and Reasoning Skills
  • Process Information faster
  • Enhance Comprehension and Inference Skills
  • Foster Creativity and Critical Thinking Skills
  • Reduce Exam Stress and increase Concentration
  • Improve IQ and EQ 

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  1. Mastermind has an excellent Programme suitable for kids and teens. It helps the students to excel academically and emotionally. It trains them to be all-rounders too. The trainer is patient and dedicated. She guides them to be focused and motivated”

    Rating: 5

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