For the past 34years, OKH is synonymous to Dance, serving the dance community in the region with its retailing and wholesaling of dancewear, dance accessories and resources. In 1981, it started its teaching programme in the Royal Academy of Dance(RAD) Syllabi in the various Community Clubs and Schools where the students excelled yearly in the RAD Exams. They are also given the opportunities to perform on stage and participate in various Arts and Dance Festivals. Its teaching arm soon grew with its popularity as one of the top ballet schools.

It is also one of the pioneer dance schools to be involved in Academic Schools, bringing dance to a higher level – from Co-Curricular Activity to an academic subject. Dance History, Dance Anatomy, Body Conditioning, Stage Management, Costuming and Lighting are some of the topics taught.

In 2005, it was given the honour of being the Organiser of the Australian Teachers of Dance Syllabi. For the first time in Singapore and the region, dancers and dance enthusiasts had the opportunity of not just learning a structured and safe Hip Hop dance syllabus but to be able to participate in a Hip Hop Exams as well. In addition, the popular Jazz Moves Syllabus is also introduced.

In September 2008, the decision to bring dance to an even higher and excellent level led to centralising of all various teaching centres to one main. This led to the opening of The Dance Station @ Bukit Timah.

Here at The Dance Station, we have teachers who are passionate about their art, dedicated to Dance and motivated to produce the best out of our students- as our mission is to ” … Promote Dance and Dancers at the Most Excellent Level.”

*Photo courtesy of The Dance Station



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