Established in 2008, Thinktank is an enrichment centre that seeks to grow inquisitive, independent and informed learners. Since then, we have grown to be a reputable enrichment centre of choice with two centres, one in Namly Place and another in Frankel Avenue.

We conduct enrichment classes in English, Mathematics, Science and Chinese. Woven through our programmes are the basic tenets of Language Arts, Cognitive Development, Structured Play and Social Development which, we believe, form the foundation of learning.

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Rating: 5

6 Replies to “Thinktank

  1. Very vibrant, warm and conducive environment for child development and enrichment. Definitely not the usual bore of a tuition centre.

    Rating: 5
  2. A modern school equipped with capable and nurturing teachers. It is refreshing to see children excited to be there.

  3. The Think Tank culture is unique in how it blends academic performance with fun and learning. My son has been going to Think Tank for a few years. He enjoys the classes because of the teachers and learning environment. His reading and writing skills have also improved significantly during this time.

  4. They show genuine care & concern for all their students, not only on academic matters. It’s as holistic an enrichment centre as it gets!

  5. I sent my girls to Thinktank when they were in k2 as they were unable to read & I was concerned about their ability to cope when they move up to primary 1.
    With the dedication & help from Thinktank teachers, my girls were able to read within 9 months. The results speak for themselves.
    Having small class size of 6 students to 1 teacher also went a long way to ensure that my girls received the attention needed to learn, understand & apply (and not just memorise & regurgitate).

  6. A lovely friendly environment coupled with caring teachers.
    My daughter been going to Think Tank for over a year now and she loves it. It says a lot when the kid is motivated and looking forward to go for classes.
    I also like the small class size, providing the attention required and they tailor the curriculum to each child

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