Aikido Shudokan Singapore is the first and only school teaching the yoshinkan system of aikido, known for its emphasis on discipline and focus. Our instructors believe that martial arts is character-building; we are invested in the future of our students and through aikido, we enable them to become stronger and more resilient to the obstacles and pressures that life throws at them.

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Rating: 5

2 Replies to “Aikido Shudokan Singapore

  1. Our ten year old son started aikido and is loving it! The ‘peaceful way’ is fantastic for teaching self defense while improving self control and confidence. Very happy!

    Rating: 5
  2. My son gets easily distracted and get bullied at school so was looking for a martial art lesson for self-control and resilience.
    While inquiring, my son’s teacher recommended Aikido Shudokan Singapore.
    I’m very impressed with the qualifications of senseis. They are great with all ages from young to adults, The senseis are experienced, very understanding, encouraging, compassionate and professional.
    My son looks forward to the lesson every weekend.
    I cannot thank you enough for providing such an educational class!
    Thank you!!

    Rating: 5

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