Voted the “BEST IN SCIENCE PREPARATION PROGRAMME 2017/2018” by Kids World! Terra Minds brings to you a unique Science & Robotics curriculum that is specially designed to develop children into budding scientists! Science is the perfect subject to complement a child’s natural curiosity! The benefits of learning about science for young kids are enormous. Science develops thinking skills, perseverance, problem-solving and builds up the capacity for learning new words, ideas and relationships.

Junior Science Programme (3 to 8 years old)
Every Science lesson is exciting because children get to do experiments to help them understand the how’s and why’s things work. Our Junior Science classes have been providing children with a headstart to learning Science in a fun and hands-on way. Parents find this programme helpful in giving their children prior knowledge and readiness to taking on Primary 3 Science in school.

Robotics Programme (5 to 12 years old)
Knowledge of coding prepares our children for an increasingly digital future, empowers creative problem solving skills, and it’s just plain fun – who doesn’t like robots?! Robotics classes using Wonder Robots, Lego WeDo and Mindstorms allow children time to learn coding while having fun, and are structured to allow advancement into more challenging levels.

ArtScience Programme (4 to 8 years old)
Science can be fused with Art! Using an art and science-based curriculum, children transfer the Science concepts through creating an artistic craft or . They can make impressive models of animals while learning about habitats. Learning art and craft techniques and Science knowledge is perfect for those who love Science and Art!

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  1. My 6 yo boy attended the ArtScience, Science and Robotics class on Saturdays , from 1.30 to 6.45pm. The lessons must have been so enriching, engaging and fun that he is always still so energetic after his classes! Thank you teacher Crystal!

    Rating: 5
  2. Terraminds offers a wonderful curriculum with interesting topics complete with experiments and an outdoor lesson every term for students to fully grasp, live and enjoy science concepts. My daughter has been attending Terraminds for four years or so and lists this as her all-time favourite class. She enjoys what she is learning and loves her teachers, and looks forward to every class.

    Rating: 5
  3. My son was enrolled in Terra Minds when he was 5 years old and throughout his journey with Terra Minds, he was introduced to new concepts, experiments, in classroom and outdoor settings. Every class is interesting and my son attends all with enthusiasm. This nurturing, holistic approach has increased my child’s curiosity and quest for knowledge. Well done teachers!

    Rating: 5
  4. A must if you want your kids to have fun while effectively learning science plus art with a unique, rigorous curriculum, creatively thought-out pedagogies, well-prepared, good-quality teaching resources plus super loving, competent and dedicated teachers! My daughter never wants to leave after lessons and we live in the northern part of Singapore!! Well worth our investment of time, effort and excellent value for money! Keep up the good work!

    Rating: 5
  5. My son has been attending Terra Minds classes since 4 years ago. Terra Minds provides a cosy learning environment, with passionate and sincere teachers focussed on bridging the children to science and nature.
    Lessons are always fun, with abundant hands-on experiments even continuing to the upper primary levels. At Pri 4, my son still enjoys his weekly science lessons with a smile. It’s never a dull moment at Terra Minds! 🙂

    Rating: 5
  6. 我的两个小孩5岁和7岁,都非常喜欢来TERRA MINDS上课。他们从4岁开始参加artscience,然后又同时上kids discovery,学校假期班也是不会错过的,大的喜欢robotics,小的喜欢science magic。这里的教学内容非常有趣生动,又结合生活常识。孩子们在这里除了学到科学知识外,更加享受学习的过程。看到他们乐在其中,真的很感谢老师们。加油!

  7. My boy has been attending Terra Minds’ robotics classes since last year and he enjoys it so much he cannot wait to attend his lessons every Saturday. The teachers and staff at Terra Minds are very passionate, caring and accommodating. The programs are taught in a simple and engaging manner that it allows my boy to understand yet enjoy the process of learning and thinking at the same time. My son also enjoys all the holiday programs organized by them so much so that he wants to join the other classes as well. Keep it up Terra Minds!

    Rating: 5
  8. My boy first enrolled with Terra minds at the age of 3 for Art Sci class. This class incorporated Science theory and doing art pieces which to both my little boy and myself, found it very interesting. After 2.5 years of Art Sci classes, I enrolled my boy for robotic class and junior Sci classes which my boy finds lot of fun and gained valuable knowledge. These classes provided both fun and educational factors which helps to motivate my boy in his learning. To add on, the teachers are very committed and definitely 1 of the reasons why I enrolled my boy in this centre.

    Rating: 5
  9. My Son has been going to terraminds for enrichment since kindergarten. Now, as a P4 student, he still looks forward eagerly to their holiday programmes. Terraminds has instilled in him a love for nature and science. He always has much to share with us whenever he comes home from terraminds activities.

    Rating: 5
  10. Both my kids attended terremind Junior science Programme since 3year old. They really love it and it make them more creative and think like a scientist.

    Rating: 5
  11. I have been sending my children to Terraminds for the last 6 years. The programmes have been interactive and action oriented, and my 2 older children used to look forward to attending the holiday programmes as they would learn science concepts and do experiments to test these concepts.

    The Art Science class that my youngest now attends is brilliant in bringing to life the art behind the science! And at the end of each project, my child brings home a beautiful piece of art of science that she can explain and share.

  12. Terraminds is like a second home to my boys. My eldest son Ian was their pioneer student and graduated only at the end of year 2017. After watching a video of Ian being a Junior reporter, my youngest son Noah was so interested to attend classes in Terraminds. Noah looked forward to every single Kids Discovery classes and remembered what was taught to him. Every end of the term there will be an Outdoor programme, be it Coney Island , Changi beach or Botanic Gardens, my boys enjoyed and greatly broaden their nature studies. Even I am learning my science from Terraminds. No hesitation- Terraminds is my #1 choice enrichment centre.

    Rating: 5
  13. My girl started her Maths enrichment class with Terraminds for almost a year. From a girl whom is afraid in attempting word problems on her own to drawing models and solving the questions without fear now. I am so proud of her achievement and this wouldn’t be possible without the efforts of the teachers and staffs Terraminds.
    Both my kids are also attending their holiday programs which they have gained science knowledge through fun and play.
    Thank you to the good people at Terraminds for providing such a conducive environment for the kids.
    Keep up your good work!
    Lina Pan

  14. My boy has expressed interest in programming and we came across terraminds. We are glad that we’ve made the right choice to send him to terraminds for robotics lesson and eventually also the junior science lessons. Since he likes lego, and this robotics lesson uses high level programming, he is able learn and play at the same time. The teachers are patient and knowledgeable. And my boy looks forward to the lesson every week.

  15. My son enjoyed classes in Terra Minds. Terra Minds Teachers are caring and helpful. My son improved from D to B in PSLE math and from D to A for PSLE Science. Thank you so much Terra Minds and All Teachers, keep it up!

  16. My daughter went for the junior scientist & Christmas science and math holiday programme and enjoy herself so much . The teacher make it very engaging and with different method and technique to guide the students, my daughter has enjoy her self a lot . Look forward to the pre school regular class .

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