Train and build up mathematical skills in young ones with abacus and mental arithmetic lessons with the Award-Winning centre Fun With Abacus. These classes help children to think arithmetically mentally at their own pace in small group sizes of maximum 6 students in a class. Learn with Joy’s group of dedicated teachers are carefully selected and are always readily finding ways to help each student learn through encouragement and setting realistic goals. The classes are conducted in English and are capped at 60min to maintain optimal attention span for children and not to overwork their young minds.

*Photo courtesy of Fun With Abacus



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  1. Teacher Joy and her dedicated team of teachers are the best! My daughter enjoys her abacus lessons very much and the teachers are very encouraging. Teacher Joy takes a lot of care in the small details, paying attention to our little one feelings and even teaching them a lot about life, resilience and perseverance. They also took very good care of my daughter during the competition, making sure that everything goes on safely and smoothly. Thank you teacher Joy and your awesome team of teachers. God bless all of you always!

  2. My boy enjoyed the competition. Thanks to Teacher Joy and her dedicated team.

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