Edvox Music School was established in 2002 with the objective of bringing high quality music education to all music lovers.

Our one to one lessons with our highly qualified teachers enables us to cater to each and every individual students’ needs, be it taking the ABRSM examinations or playing for leisure.

Students also get plenty of opportunities to perform on stage in our various recitals, concerts and ad-hoc performances, boosting their self-confidence and interest in music.

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  1. Been with Edvox for about 2 years, and I really love Peifeng jie! Tried multiple teachers before outside of Edvox before I found Peifeng, and I found her the best at guiding me in my learning journey ~ Cheers to become a violinist in time to come!!

  2. Teacher Pei Feng is a very kind and patient teacher. She is also very knowledgeable about many musical ideas, and allowed me to learn the piece very well! Her lessons are also very well paced, not stressful at all. I enjoy being in her classes.

    Rating: 5
  3. I’ve been learning cello at Edvox Music School for 3 years now and I really appreciate all Teachers in the school. I’ve gotten ABRSM cello practical grade 6 and theory grade 5 all thanks to the help of all the Teachers! Really grateful for making the right choice to be part of the family at edvox music school!

    Rating: 5
  4. Teacher Pei Feng can always inspire my girl to add “life” to the monotonous piece that my she used to play.She is certainly blessed with a very passionate violin teacher to instill her with great interests to play some very touching and beautiful pieces,with good technique in place, i am impressed !really appreciate her consistent effort!

  5. I joined Edvox music school after countless bad experience at my previous music school. Ever since I joined edvox, under the guidance of Teacher Hui, my violin skills improved and definitely encouraged me to push beyond my limits. Other than teaching me relevant and helpful violin skills, he is also a passionate and caring teacher who also concern about my wellbeing. Definitely a blessing to be a student of the school and Teacher Hui!! 🙂

  6. Definitely deserve 5 stars rating for Teacher Hui and Edvox music school 😀

    Rating: 5
  7. Teacher Hui is a very patience and passionate violin teacher to my 5yo Son. He has his very own unique and engaging way to engage such a young student to be with him during the lessons. Would definitely recommend Teacher Hui to parents who would like to explore their young kids with violin. : )

  8. Mr Nguyen Ngoc Huy is very patient with my son. He has been very accommodating and he tried different methods to get my son to learn and perfect his skills in violin.
    Teacher Ashley has also been very nice and tried to teach my son theory in a fun and engaging way. This is the only place my son enjoys learning music as the teachers and staff are all very friendly.

  9. Teacher Sheila has been instrumental in helping me to improve on my technical skills. Always encouraging, she gives me new-found confidence in playing my pieces. I wouldnt have done well for my Grade 5 Violin practical exam without her coaching. I look forward to mastering advanced techniques for many lessons to come. A shout out to the warm and friendly administrative staff at the Kovan as well! My experience has been a pleasant one with Edvox and I recommend you to give it a try!

    Rating: 4
  10. I wish to appreciate teacher Huy for his coaching to help develop my son’s confidence for greater achievements.

    Rating: 5
  11. Ever since I joined edvox, under the guidance of Teacher Hui and Ms Yang, my violin skills improved. Other than teaching me relevant and helpful violin skills, he is also a caring teacher who also concern about his students. In general, im happy to be taught by him 🙂

  12. Teacher Hui is a very jovial and fun violin teacher. The lessons he conduct are always entertaining yet effective. He is very patient in his teaching and if ever in doubt, he would clarify it immediately and try different methods to enable me to understand. With his patient and engaging way of teaching, i always look forward to the next lesson! 🙂

    Rating: 5
  13. Mr Huy is a very caring and paitent teacher, and has always encouraged me to push beyond my limits. He is instrumental in making my journey as an adult learner possible. Thank you!

    Rating: 5
  14. My daughter loves her violin lessons at Edvox with Teacher Sheila. Teacher Sheila is demanding but makes her lessons fun at the same time. She is always willing to go the extra mile, and is dedicated in making sure my daughter is able to play to the best of her ability. In fact, having interacted with a number of the teachers and staff at Edvox, I find them to be professional and approachable.

  15. I am learning violin at evdox kovan center under Ms Shiela. Frankly speaking I have been quite a difficult student because at 38 yrs of age, understanding a totally new instrument has it’s own challenges. She has not only explained finer details of the subject umpteen number of times with extraordinary patience but has also made sure that I understand these details in theory as well as practical. I am sure I have done well in theory grade 1 exam this year, and all credit goes to Ms Shiela, because honestly I don’t get much time to study at home with my 7-7 job and a kid to handle. Regards to the teacher and lots of compliments to evdox for having such talented faculty.

  16. We enrolled our son to Edvoc Music at CCK due to the location is near our residence. He was first assigned to a female violin teacher of the centre. Gloomy face on my son can be seen after every lesson he had with that particular violin teacher. That teacher was impatient working with my son. After a few months, my son has lost his interest in violin. We came to a decision to change his teacher after an unforgettable incident happened during his lesson with that female violin teacher. My son is later assigned to Teacher Huy. He is soft spoken and work well with children. He taught my son many techniques and has been encouraging my son to participate in performances. Glad that my son is learning from him since then, coming 1 1/2 years. Hope Teacher Huy can continue create more wonders that allows the child to move on to the next level of achievement with happiness.

  17. My daughter enjoys taking piano lessons at Edvox under Teacher Peifeng. She’s progressing very well and attained abrsm G5 at P3. She also gets to participate in concerts and competition organised by Edvox. Very good experience – highly recommended for anyone looking for a music school.

    Rating: 5
  18. Both my Son and daughter have been with Edvox CCK for more than two years. We are happy with the teachers and the staffs here, who are friendly and helpful. Thanks to Teacher Huy and Teacher Yuki in particular, for coaching the kids with patience and enthusiasm.

  19. Teacher Daniel Hu has been very patient with my daughter who has been with Edvox for about 2 years. Most importantly, he encourages her a lot because she lacks in confidence. Will be sending my other kids to Edvox as well.

    Rating: 5
  20. My son has been with Edvox for a few months. Daniel Hu gives me many advices to let my son improve and also increase his interest in violin.
    Highly recommended.

  21. Both my kids Velle and Vance joined edvox music school in waterway point. Velle learn violin from Teacher Daniel and Vance learn Cello from Teacher Cloris. Both teacher had been very patience with my 2 kids as Velle is the temperament type and Vance is the playful one. Teacher Daniel and Teacher Cloris will let us know how to teach them at home and they are patience despite me having no music background. Beside my kids learning the music, I myself had learnt together as well. Well done, teachers!

    Rating: 5
  22. Both of my children are enrolled in Edvox Music School at Waterway point. Athan is learning Violin under the care of Teacher Daniel who is friendly and extremely patient with him. He also gave advices as and when necessary to make sure Athan learns. Ethan is learning Piano under the care of Ms Ang who is a young and bubbly teacher. They get along very well just like friends. Both my children enjoy their lessons with Teacher Daniel and Ms Ang!

    Rating: 5
  23. I’ve been taking violin lessons from Teacher Daniel Hu for close to a year now. As an adult learner, I face some worry whether I can learn as quick and sustain. Daniel has been very encouraging in the journey and being skilful in his art, he gives constant good advise on how to improve in areas that I am lacking. Kudos and thanks to Teacher Daniel ! Would definitely recommend him to anyone thinking of embarking on learning the instrument even as an adult

    Rating: 5
  24. My two daughters took up violin lesson with Teacher Daniel Hu from Edvox music school at waterway since last September. They have been progressing steadily and my younger girl just passed her grade 1 violin Abrsm exam with distinction. My elder girl jumps grade and will be taking grade 4 next year. Teacher Daniel Hu explains clearly in detail the techniques required and he kept them motivated while being patient yet firm. Edvox also provides several platforms for the kids to perform. Highly recommended!

  25. Send my son for violin class who has no music background at all at Edvox Waterway Point. Now less than a year he is able to read musical notes and play violin on his own. And now he is taking his first exam. Teacher Daniel Hu is highly recomended for his patience, excellent skills and knowledge with great communication with parents and speak english really well. Really high quality teacher. My son enjoys going to his class.

    Rating: 5
  26. My daughter has been with Edvox for almost 3 years. I must say teacher Daniel Hu is great in developing violin skill to my girl & cultivating & at same time motivating her to be a greater violinist.

    Teacher Daniel is very professional, always look very presentable, and I see his music skill is superb during our Chinese New Year show in Waterway Point mall.

    Rating: 5
  27. Thank you teacher Daniel for teaching my son’s violin, my son enjoys his violin lessons at Edvox music school and progress and improvement in this area.

  28. It has been a great pleasure to have Mr Daniel Hu as my son’s violin teacher. He never fails in bringing joy and excitement in every lesson, which enlightens my son’s love and passion for music tremendously. With Daniel’s hard work and determination, my son passed his practical examination with a distinction. A big thank you to Mr Daniel Hu for making every possible step to help my son.

    Rating: 5
  29. As an adult learner, it takes patience on the teacher’s part to educate me in violin. Well done! Thanks, Sheila.

  30. Daniel Hu is a meticulous teacher who takes every teaching and music deals seriously. He is an asset to advox music

  31. Teacher Daniel is a very passionate teacher and went an extra mile for my daughter during her preparation for the ABRSM violin exam. He is also very patient and encouraging, motivating my daughter to enjoy violin even more. Thank you Teacher Daniel.

  32. I have been learning violin from teacher Daniel Hu for close to a year. His passion for music and dedication towards teaching never fails to inspire me. Thanks Mr Hu!

    Rating: 5
  33. Thank you for Teacher Daniel Hu’s guidance and advices to both my daughter and myself. Both of us got great imporvement for our Violin skills, and my daughter enjoy the class time very much. Thank you.

  34. Only started learning the violin at Edvox this year but it has been a meaningful and fruitful journey with Teacher Daniel, who constantly inspires me to improve and gives very useful feedback! Thank you Teacher Daniel 🙂

  35. My 5 year-old boy has been learning violin from Teacher Sheila who’s a very patient and dedicated teacher. Her ability to connect with young kids and her very friendly disposition allow my boy to develop at his own pace. Teacher Sheila is also very encouraging and sees beyond the need for perfection, giving my boy the opportunity to participate in the annual concert by Edvox. The learning process of practicing the concert piece and participating in the rehearsals with other children are priceless experiences. My boy has, in fact, grown much musically and is even inspired to practice the violin independently. I’m very heartened to see how much my boy has learned under Teacher Sheila. Thank you for being such an inspiration!

  36. Although we are far away from music, my little daughter Yoon loves to play musical instruments. Therefore we decided to send her to Edvox Music School to learn the Violin. She took up violin lesson with Teacher Nguyen Ngoc from Edvox music school at CCK Sunshine Palace. Teacher Huy is very patient and encourages her a lot. They get along very well just like friends. As a result, my daughter told me that he is the best Violin teacher for her. Thank you, Huy. 🙂

    Rating: 5
  37. Teacher Huy is a good and nice violin teacher. He has use his ways to teach me to further improve my violin skills and encourage me to boost my confidence up.

  38. My 2 boys have been attending violin lessons at Edvox for about 1.5 yrs under Mr Daniel Hu. Mr Daniel is a responsible teacher who shows sincerity in the development of my boys talent.He has been very approachable ,patient and accomodating to my boys schedule..My boys have just completed their first grade exam under the encouragement and close guidance of Mr Daniel Hu and are looking forward to the next step forward.

  39. It has been a great pleasure to have teacher Daniel Hu as my daughter’s violin teacher. He never fails in bringing joy and excitement in every lesson, which enlightens my daughter’s love and passion for music tremendously. With teacher Daniel Hu’s hard work and determination, my daughter enjoys playing the violin and progresses at a steady rate. A big thank you to him for making every possible step to help my daughter.

    Rating: 5
  40. It has been a great pleasure to have teacher Daniel Hu as my daughter’s violin teacher. He never fails in bringing joy and excitement in every lesson, which enlightens my daughter’s love and passion for music tremendously. He values ​​basic skills and has taught my daughter how to master the basic aspects of playing a violin. He also encourages her to accept challenges and play harder songs, and she will improve after practicing, as well as encouraging her to appreciate music and strengthen her music theory skills. With teacher Daniel Hu’s determination, my daughter enjoys playing the violin and progresses at a steady rate. A big thank you to him for making every possible step to help my child.

    Rating: 5
  41. Both my daughters are learning violin with Daniel Hu. He is patience, knowledgeable and passionate of his job. He makes effort to understand the needs of the student and tailor his teaching accordingly. He go the extra mile and beyond the call of a violin teacher to ensure that the student excel in their exam. Delighted that my daughters are in the safe hand of a committed and dedicated teacher. I know it’s not easy to handle my two daughters and you have done well, a big thank you, you are really great violin teacher.

    Rating: 5
  42. I would like to convey my thanks and gratitude to Teacher Nguyen Ngoc Huy. My girl is learning violin with Teacher Huy from Edvox Music School at CCK Sunshine Place for the past 3 years.
    Teacher Huy is always so patient and calm. Ha has also instilled a love of the violin and music in my girl. My girl enjoys and always looks forward to her violin lesson. It has been a joy to watch my girl grow up learning music under Teacher Huy tutelage.
    Once again, thank you for giving my girl the confidence and encouraged the best out of her. You’re a wonderful violin teacher ☺️

    Rating: 5
  43. I’m under teacher Rosemarie and I want to thank her for teaching me for so many years and guiding me through all the hard times that I’ve came across. She’s a really patient and caring teacher that help her students, treating them like her own kids. I’m currently taking my violin diploma and it’s all thanks to her that I got this far. Thank you for everything that you’ve done for me. I really appreciate the efforts that you make to make me excel further 🙂 <3

    Rating: 5
  44. I’m under Teacher Rosemarie and I am sUpeR grateful and thankful to have such a wonderful and caring teacher!! And I would also like to take this chance to thank her for the many years of guidance:) she is really patient when she teaches me and always shows motherly love to me:) I’m going grade 8 and I wouldn’t be at this high level without her slow guidance. I really appreciate everything she have done for me and if she didn’t encourage me to practise and work harder, I wouldn’t be able to come this far and it’s all thanks to her great effort! 🙂

  45. I have been learning violin at Edvox for about a year and it’s been amazing. Teacher Rosemarie is really dedicated to teaching and has great patience as well. She pushes me to try new challenges and as an adult who started this journey later than most people, I appreciated that a lot 🙂 shout out to Teacher Rosemarie – thank you for making this experience so fun and always being so friendly! I’m really glad I am learning from you <3

    Rating: 5
  46. Teacher Rosemarie is a very caring teacher and the lessons she conduct are quite fun. I always look forward to the orchestra rehearsals under Teacher Rosemarie’s baton. Although to many students she may seem very strict, Teacher Rosemarie is actually a very patient teacher who does things for her students’ own good.

  47. Teacher Rosemarie is a patient and understanding teacher who has taught me for many years. I am now taking Grade 8 violin and it is thanks to her guidance that I have made it this far. Teacher Rosemarie can be strict at times but is always reasonable and also very tolerant whenever I make mistakes during lessons.

    Rating: 5
  48. Teacher Rosemarie is a patient and friendly who has taught me for 8 grades now. She is dedicated to teaching and takes time out of her schedule to give me lessons which I’m thankful for. She makes also makes lessons fruitful and fun. Thank you Teacher Rose!

    Rating: 5
  49. My boy started with Edvox since he was 5, today he’s 12! He has been taught violin by a few teachers in the school before being with Teacher Rosemarie. Everyone of the teachers are so patient with the kids. And Rosemarie is not only patient, but skilled in teaching and changing the bad habits of my boy in handling the violin. Many thanks to her.

    One of the joy of being in Edvox Music School is the opportunity to see the children , including my boy, who spent hours learning their instruments every week performing enthusiastically on stage during Talento every year. This year, we had the privilege of attending it again at VCH. Teacher Rosemarie, together with her team, put up a great show in the Orchestra Performance. We were impressed! Overall, it would have been even better if more focus is made in the strings performance items, such as the Orchestra and different instruments performance while toning down the singing and choir which are not the strength of Edvox. We look forward to see Talento being made into a show that truly display the best talents of the school.

  50. Responsible teacher with frequent feedback. Helpful customer service.

    Rating: 5
  51. Both my son and daughter have been following Edvox for their music lessons, ever since they were about 4 to 5 years old. They have since been groomed and nurtured into young teens, now 15 and 18 respectively. The teachers that have guided my children have been wonderful, patient and attentive. Coupled with internationally accredited qualifications, I can’t think of another pool of experts that could have given my child the best. Really grateful to have stumbled upon them online, years back. Now, even after completing their Grade 8 Examinations, my children have already fostered a sense of belonging and attachment to this school and have regularly gone back to perform at their annual concerts and performances. Edvox has really helped my children to grow their appreciation for the Arts, particularly Music.

    Rating: 5

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