KindyROO is an early childhood development program that helps your child to lay down strong neurological pathways through sensory integration and at the same time ensuring sequential milestones development.

This is done through an hour of fun but intensive sensorimotor activities which includes tactile massage, exercise, music & movement, visualization & memory and early speech & language.

At the end of the term, we assess your child in the areas of motor skills development, visual development, vestibular development, visualization & memory, speech & language development, auditory development, cognitive development as well as social & emotional development to help you track your child’s progress.

We have classes for babies from 6 weeks old to children up to 6 years old. Contact us for a trial class today!

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  1. We first brought our child to Kindyroo 2 years ago and found that that there is so much more about brain development that we realised. 2 years later, we are seeing all the good results in his behaviour in school and learning ability. Very happy with the results and bringing my younger one there as well.

  2. The teachers are well trained. Being a first time mum, I had little experiences handling a new baby, there was a lot of learning to do. I was unsure about many things hence I am glad that the teachers were able to provide the right help in terms of breastfeeding, sleep, crying, milestones development. I really enjoyed every lesson in Kindyroo. The classes every week gave me new insights with regards to brain development in children.

    Rating: 5
  3. Brought my first born to Kindyroo when she was 6 months old until now coming to 5 yo. Amazed by her inqusitive mind and her problem solving skills which you dont see in most kids her age. Kindyroo was the only place that she always wanted to come back for more. My son had greatly improved on his social skills after attending the lessons conducted by the experienced teacher here. Ailing is always ready to discuss about your concern of your child development. Highly recommended.

    Rating: 5
  4. My son has special needs and has been undergoing endless therapies since a baby.
    I started Kindyroo in Jan 2018. Shortly after my son has shown vast improvements in terms of all area of development. Due to constraints of resources, I have stopped all other interventions. Just 2 weeks ago, I attended Meet-The-Teacher at school. For the first time in my entire school journey with my son, I received positive comments about my son’s progress in school. My wife burst into tears and was thankful for the experience with Kindyroo. Ever since then, I have recommended MANY parents to do the Kindyroo program.

    Rating: 5
  5. My daughter started KindyROO when she was about 2.5 years old. I have brought her to a few other similar programs but I find that the classes are overly stimulating without any real learning achieved or correlation to proper brain development. It was only when I joined KindyROO then I gained a better understanding about actual brain development in children and how both left & right brain need to develop holistically and not limited to only intensive right brain training for true academic success. My daughter has better control and coordinated movements, no longer tip-toeing and tripping everywhere. Her visualization skills has developed tremendously and she is able to pick up learning easily without being forced to learn or memorize and able to translate skills she had learned and use it in different settings. For example, she is able to understand sequence of numbers and fill in the blanks of missing numbers when jumbled up. She is also able to converse and question on multiple levels using long sentences with proper grammar, verbs and sentence structure. She is now 3.5 years old. I will definitely recommend KindyROO to all parents!

  6. I moved to Balastier and found Kindyroo. It is the best find ever. My son was 5 when he started Kindyroo. I did not think it was the right program for him as Kindyroo do not do anything with regards to academics learning. In fact, I was only looking for a tuition based kind of program. My preschool teacher commented that my son could not concentrate in class, had trouble making friends, number recognition, letter reversals, cannot colour within the line, tracing out of line, mistakes in matching, fine motor skills were lacking, aggressive towards friends. I was devastated. I did not know anything about development until I met Ai Ling. She explained every problem that my son faced can be resolved with the right exercises to stimulate the brain. I repeated the activities prescribed every week. With diligence, we could see the results of better concentration, able to make friends, playing smartly and could do a lot of work independently given by the preschool teacher. The preschool teacher was pleasantly surprised with my son. She asked what have we done within a short span of 6 months. I recommended Kindyroo to the preschool teacher and she said so many preschoolers should have done Kindyroo right before they enter nursery level. I couldn’t agree more. It is a must do program for all parents with young children.

    Rating: 5
  7. My friend recommended Kindyroo to me when I was pregnant. I wanted to try it as soon as my baby was born. However, I delivered prematurely and I had other complications after birth. It took me 6 months before I decided to go Kindyroo. My initial experience with Kindyroo was great. I was worried with a premie on hand but the teachers were experienced and understanding towards my needs. After attending the program for 6 months, I visited my peadiatric and she commented that my baby’s development is on par with those full term babies. I was so thrilled. Now my baby is a happy walking toddler. I couldn’t thank Kindyroo enough.

    Rating: 5
  8. After attending Kindyroo trial with my baby at 6 months old, I wondered why must I send my baby to learn things that he will eventually learn at home? I wanted something with more impact like walking before others, reading before others, etc. I was not convinced with what Kindyroo had to offer. Today, my child is 4, he struggles in school, difficult to concentrate, even have problem at play and social gathering. I saw an ex-kindyroo parent and she raved about her daughter’s progress, to cut the story short, I regretted not joining Kindyroo thinking that foundations are natural and not necessary to pay money for it. I was so wrong. At 4 year old, I still have to go back to basic and relay the foundations for my son all over again. I am thankful for this portal as it gives me an opportunity to warn parents about starting Kindyroo early.

    Rating: 5

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