Voted the “BEST IN CREATIVE ART PROGRAMMES” among the Best 2015/16 Enrichment and Learning Centres, Clay Works brings to you a unique clay art curriculum that is specially designed for children age 3 years and above !

Presenting a form of creative art that inspires the child’s imagination and creativity during early childhood development ; it has proven to be extremely beneficial in improving the child’s cognitive development, concentration skill, strengthening the eye-hand motor coordination, sharpens sensory skill and develops perceptual abilities through awareness of colours, shapes and forms.

*Photo courtesy of Clay Works



Rating: 5

2 Replies to “Clay Works

  1. Interesting course that my gal likes after the first trial session. claywork has a structured programme for kids as small as 4yrs. Instructors/teachers are really patient with children!!!?
    From the 1st lesson, my gal has being taking up the courses from 2.5years already!

    Rating: 5
  2. After attending the curriculum at Clayworks, it has help to stimulate the imagination and creativity aspect for both my daughters, aged 3 and 7 respectively. Especially for my younger one who couldn’t “sit still”, claywork has assist in improving her concentration and attention span.

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