Who is Ready Steady Go Kids?
Ready Steady Go Kids is Australia’s largest multi-sport and exercise programme for pre-schoolers (aged 1.5–6). The programme has been in operation since 2004 and the brand is continuing to grow in Australia and internationally too. Ready Steady Go Kids arrived in Singapore in 2012 as the first international franchise and it is now the fastest growing multi-sport programme for pre-schoolers in Singapore.

We run classes at pre-schools across Singapore as well our classes for children on weekends at The Cage Sports Park at Bukit Timah, SPGG at Dover and Kovan Sports Centre in Kovan. We run terms of 10 to 12 weeks with 5 sports covered each term, and also “Create-Your-Own” holiday camps where parents can gather a group of friends and customise their own holiday camp.

What are Ready Steady Go Kids classes like?
Fun, engaging and lots of skills to learn – some sport specific, others are the fundamental movement skills. Basic building blocks for more complex motor skills in the future. Some of the skills include balancing, spatial awareness, hand-eye coordination, leg-eye coordination, running, jumping, throwing, catching, 2-handed strike (hitting another object with an implement –eg. T-ball, Cricket, Golf). Trainers are energetic and focus on helping the kids achieve success. Full of enthusiasm and passionate, and trained to manage pre-schoolers in sports and being active.

What are Ready Steady Go Kids objectives?
The aim of this programme is to introduce the pre-schoolers to a variety of sports and in doing so, enable them to enhance their gross and fine motor skills, hand-eye, foot-eye coordination and balance. Ready Steady Go Kids trainers also lead and educate on other important features such as warm-up, stretching, cool-down, team-building and sportsmanship. But most importantly, we hope to spark their life-long love for sport and being healthy!

What are the sports covered by a Ready Steady Go Kids programme?
Football / Soccer / Athletics / Tennis / Basketball / Hockey / Rugby / AFL (Aussie Rules Football) / Golf / Cricket / T-ball

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8 Replies to “Ready Steady Go Kids Singapore

  1. fun filled, exciting and engaging. The programme not only entertains, it educates. kids get to learn sport skills and experience team play. Love it and highly recommended!

    alfred. father of 2 boys!

    Rating: 5
  2. I was looking for a sports programme for toddlers and was glad I chanced on RSGK. I was attracted to the variety of sports that my 3 year old girl A would potentially be exposed to. With that and the credentials of RSGK, I was assured she would be working on various motor and social emotional skills which are highly essential in her development alongside reaping benefits of exercise.

    Rating: 5
  3. We see continuous improvement in E’s abilities in each of the sports. He has a lot of fun and loves Sunday mornings at the Cage! I would highly recommend RSGK to anyone wanting their young children to learn about and get interested in sport. The teachers are really enthusiastic and help each child to develop at their own pace. Thanks RSGK!

    Rating: 5
  4. Our 4.5 and 2.5 year olds absolutely love RSGK! The multi-sport concept is great for young children and the children rotate through different sports every two weeks which is excellent pace.
    For young children with short attention spans, the low coach-student ratio helps to ensure good energy and momentum throughout the class.
    Our children also look forward to the weekly obstacle course and are always asking about what sport they are going to learn at the next session.
    They have also started to express their own individual interests in some of the sports they have been exposed to. Thanks RSGK!

  5. Ariana really enjoys the class. She looks forward to it every week and it always so happy!
    She loves her coaches and she always has great things to say.
    We also notice how much more confident she is and her motor skills have improved tremendously.
    We also notice how determined she is at trying out all the new sports introduced to her.
    Most important, we love seeing how happy she is!

    Rating: 5
  6. My girls have been with RSGK since Feb and they love the classes and Teachers! The team also recently conducted relay and games at my duaghter’s birthday party, and the kids had a whale of time! Very impressed with the type/amount of equipment which they brought to the venue and the enthusiasm in running the activities! It was great to see kids enjoying themselves with sports and outdoor!

    Rating: 5
  7. Raeyan Haydar had great fun in his 1 year + with ReadySteadyGoKids <3 He learnt to listen to instructions well, became less clingy – more confident and could independently do most of the tasks on his own. RSGK scaffolds each physical challenge for kids, giving them prior demonstrations and loads of positive verbal encouragement. A really lively and smiley team of coaches – Haf, Debbie and Han who sensitively interacted with thw little humans . The circuit was the best part of the routine as it reinforces the skills learnt.

  8. Great opportunity to get a first insight into different sports! The teachers are all very engaged, very good teacher:student ratio and a good mixture of education and play makes it attractive for the little ones! Three thumbs up!!

    Rating: 5

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