Music, Dance and Drama classes do not have to be crazy expensive. MADDspace is founded by Singapore Show Choir Academy, a non profit organisation. We believe in providing top quality Music, Art, Drama & Dance lessons to people from all walks of life.

Our Signature Show Choir Programme, Developing Artistes, and MADDartiste Programmes have won rave reviews by parents and participants! Our other classes include private vocal lessons, hip hop, CSTD Jazz and musical theatre

Our Mission is to educate, develop and inspire our students to excel in various disciplines of Performing Arts. We believe that every individual has the ability to increase their physical, emotional and intellectual well-being through MADD (Music, Art, Drama and Dance).

MADDspace aims to promote self-confidence, discipline, mutual respect and humility amongst our students. We believe that these qualities go a long way in a person’s character development.

For our Parents, we aim to work hand in hand with you to inspire your children to become responsible and confident individuals who will shine not only on stage but in life as well.

*Photo courtesy of MADDspace



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