In today’s world where cars drive themselves and drones serve you dinner – the only way kids will be prepared for the future is if we teach them with tech!

Founded in 2012 by a parent of 4 who believed in the importance of learning how to learn, Saturday Kids is a place where kids ignite their joy of learning through programming, electronics, inventing and more. Our learning philosophy and pedagogy are deeply rooted in purposeful play, as we believe that kids learn best when they are engaged, and there’s no better way to keep kids engaged than by letting them have fun. Our courses are held year-round, in the form of holiday camps, as well as after-school weekly workshops held during the school term.

At Saturday Kids, you don’t just learn to code, but you code to learn.

*Photo courtesy of Saturday Kids



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  1. my kids truly enjoyed the scratch classes. Highly reccomended!

    Rating: 4

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