U E Learning Centre is the main centre for 3G Abacus Mental-Arithmetic Course.
3G Abacus is a breakthrough in learning concept from traditional Abacus! It  has 9-beaded columns and reduced the formulae needed to 2 sets, instead of 6 sets. Since 2005, 3G Abacus has successfully helped its’ students to relate better to the Mathematics they learn in school, and allows students to pick up the technique of abacus faster. It makes Abacus Mental-Arithmetic easier for young children to learn and understand, reducing the time taken to go into mental calculation.

3G Abacus Course is available in more than 50 locations including Tuition & Enrichment Centres, RCs, CCs, Schools, Childcares and Kindergartens, bringing it closer to you.

*Photo courtesy of U E Learning Centre



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