At Chantilly Culinary Studio, we specialise in hands-on baking and cooking classes for both adults and juniors. We offer a variety of workshops and courses each month for novice and more experienced participants.

Our bright and sunny studio is a perfect venue for private parties and corporate events and we have hosted many events over the years. We work closely with our customers to customise the private workshops as per their requirements.

Nestled among shop-houses along Simon Road, the Studio offers a neat and bright setting fully equipped for hands-on delivery of baking and cooking classes. Make sure to taste and smell the fresh herbs on the patio garden when you visit.

Cecilia Mardianah Hough is at the realm of the culinary and baking classes. She has been delivering culinary classes for more than 8 years. Approaching cooking and baking with the philosophy of Simple, Fresh and Natural, Cecilia focuses on equipping participants with basic skills and knowledge to turn a recipe into real good tasting food.

*Photo courtesy of Chantilly Culinary Studio



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