Asgard was founded in 2014 by a group of the best national fencers in Singapore. Our members have blazed the trail for Singapore’s Sabre scene, making national history in major events like the SEA Games, Asian Games, Commonwealth Championships, Asian Championships and World Championships.

In 2016, the Asgard team made waves in the international community when our top fencer Lau Ywen won the U-17 World Championships in Bourges with our Head Coach David Chan. This was Singapore’s first medal, and first Gold in an event of such stature. Following that, Ywen also won Singapore’s first ever SEA Games Gold in Women’s Sabre in 2017. Coach David has produced World, Asian and SEA Champions and aspires to create a model of homegrown success.

As part of our mission to further develop and support the fencing community, Asgard provides responsible, systematic and professional coaching. We believe in the educative potential of sport and we aspire to be mentors for the developing fencer, inculcating essential life skills and attitudes along with fencing techniques and strategy.

With our international experience and vast knowledge of local systems, we are well equipped to assist each fencer in developing their characters, confidence and sporting ability while balancing the demands of academic and social life. We aim to produce fencers who will always carry with them a warrior’s heart and a champion’s mentality.

Join ASGARD and set yourself Worlds Apart.

*Photo courtesy of Asgard Fencing



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