At EduGrove, we believe that every lesson should be delivered in a fun and interactive way. If as adults we find it difficult to remain attentive for an entire meeting, imagine what it’s like for a child listening to a lesson conducted in their second language!

Designed to break away from the rigid way in which Mandarin is traditionally taught, our programmes put the emphasis on FUN!

To ensure that every element of learning is ENGAGING, FUN and most important of all, EFFECTIVE, we use specially designed word games, drama techniques including, improvisation and role-play, and stimulating discussion sessions during which students are encouraged to share their thoughts and ideas.

Our revolutionary methods, award-winning curriculum, and dedicated teachers have a proven track record of delivering results while igniting every student’s passion for learning the language.

*Photo courtesy of EduGrove Mandarin Enrichment Centre



Rating: 5

2 Replies to “EduGrove Mandarin Enrichment Centre

  1. After a few lessons with EduGrove, my child started showing interest in using Mandarin as a communication language. Her teacher has managed to make Mandarin fun and interesting, while improving her academic results. She enjoys her lessons here so much that she will be upset if she misses any lesson. Highly recommended if you are looking for a more hands-on teaching and learning style for your child.

    Rating: 5
  2. My child went from failing marks to passing with an A grade in PSLE chinese thanks to EduGrove. Their teaching method and passionate teachers really make a difference in how my child learnt Mandarin. His teacher updates me on his progress after every lesson, and even gives us tips on how to reinforce what they have learnt in class.

    Rating: 5

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