Our Secret Little Studio

Exploration art wonderland for children by day, alluring chill-out art jamming spot by night.

Our studio, a hidden little haven, is a cozy and inspiring open space with lots of natural light for that extra dose of inspiration. With a pleasant homely feel, we invite everyone, both the young and young at heart, to come and unleash their creativity and unwind in our safe and comfortable environment. At Artify, we teach children to embrace their mistakes through incidental learning, helping them realize that there are opportunities to learn despite what may first seem like failure.

We take them on the journey to realize that just as in many every day situations, much of art is about being bold enough to attempt and discover interesting new things along the way as we learn.

As teachers, we choose to take on the role as facilitators by using thought-provoking questions that elicit creative thinking and problem solving while children engage in creating art. We guide but never instruct. We discover together but never offer solutions.

Together, we embark on a creative journey with each individual child in a positive learning environment, helping them grow to love and embrace art for all that it is.

*Photo courtesy of Artify Studio

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